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At Armadale Soccer Club, we believe in the power of collaboration, passion, and community. As we strive for excellence on the field, we recognise the invaluable support that comes from dedicated sponsors who share our vision for success. Join us in fostering a legacy of triumph by becoming a proud sponsor of Armadale Soccer Club.

Why Sponsor Armadale Soccer Club?

Showcase Your Brand

Align your brand with a club that is synonymous with sportsmanship and endeavour. Gain visibility through our various promotional channels, around the grounds, banners and digital media.

Community Engagement

Connect with a passionate and diverse community of supporters, players and families. Your sponsorship will contribute to the development of young talent and growth of football in our community.

Networking Opportunities

Enjoy exclusive access to networking events, matches and other club activities. Build relationships with like-minded businesses and individuals who share a passion for sports and community development.

Positive Brand Association

Be associated with a club that prioritises values such as fair play, respect and continuous improvement. Your support will reinforce your commitment to community engagement and corporate social responsibility.


We have multiple sponsorship packages available.




A great place to spend time with family and friends.


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