Armadale Soccer Club prides itself on having a clean and structured pathway for our junior players from 5 years of age through to 18.

Our commitment and desire is to produce soccer players that can develop their skill base in an enjoyable learning environment: We have 4 levels through our development program which we believe will help aid our players in becoming soccer players of the future, whether at an elite level or playing for fun.

Fundamental stage U5 – U7:

We ensure at this important stage that the emphasis is on having fun, playing in a group and developing fundamental motor skills, such as: running, jumping, throwing and kicking a ball. We include fun warm up games, skilled based topics, running with the ball, dribbling and shooting and small-sided games. All of these elements will be the basis of their early years development.

Learning to Train U8 – U9

At this stage we start on developing and improving technique skills. We continue with small-sided games to improve decision making, and include basic passing, receiving skills and 1v1 duels. We place an emphasis on their physical development with basic movements, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance in partnership with the game itself.

Development U10 – U12:

We now move into more specific training, in technical terms we would introduce more complex training practices and/or conditioned games. An introduction into attacking and defending the goal, awareness of space and decision-making and continuation of their basic ABC practices agility, balance and coordination.

NPL Player – Training to compete U13 – U16:

As our young players move to this stage, we have a specific training curriculum based program understanding roles and responsibilities within a team. With an elite mind-set to improve and challenge themselves to master the ball, technically proficient and demonstrate good decision making skills under pressure and physically efficient to play the game at a high tempo.

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