Armadale Soccer Club is more than a football club, we are a community that has grown and flourished since 1972.We have been fortunate to have incredible committee members over the decades that have kept the club moving forward, along with volunteers and amazing players, and that we find ourselves in 2024 with a fabulous year to look forward to. Our club is committed to developing all levels of football players, there is something for everyone-a true community

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Formed in 1972, Derrick Buchan had approached Tony Delaney who was running two junior teams in the new suburb of Westfield Park, it was agreed that they would form anew club to be named after the suburb. Westfield Park Soccer Club was created and followed by the formation of the first committee which consisted of club President Tony Delaney, Treasurer Henry Beal, Dick Chapman, and Derrick Mcloughlan.

The Club’s firsthome ground was in Byford, which was a problem for the juniors withtravel, so the local council was approached, and we were granted use of Gwynne Park inArmadale. It was here where the First Team had won the cup, coached under TiborBesci (an ex-Hungarian international) in his first season with the Club. The grounds didnot really suit what we required, as the facilities were also shared with another sportingclub at the time, this was when the Club was offered Morgan Park, which is home to ourJuniors Club.Our Junior teams started making their presence known in the metro leagues, with theUnder 15s & Under 16s winning first division in 1977. With the Under 16s teamselected to tour in Adelaide, playing Elizabeth City, Para Hills and Adelaide. The Clubsname later changed to Armadale Park Soccer Club and then to Armadale Soccer Club.Our Club attracts local loyal supporters, being those that had originally started out asplayers and developing into the coaches, volunteers and spectators we have today,without all these people, our club would not be where we are today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to epitomise a distinguished standard of sportsmanship and endeavour both on and off the field. We aspire to cultivate an environment where the spirt of fairplay, integrity and unwavering dedication thrives within our club. Throughout commitment to excellence, we aim to instill in every player, at all levels, a deep sense of pride representing Armadale.

We envision a club that not only excels competitively but also actively engages in the continuous pursuit of improvement. As a powerhouse of sportsmanship, our players, from Seniors to Juniors will demonstrate respect, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of success. Off the field, our club will serve as a beacon of community unity, providing a gathering place for local residents, fostering a sense of belonging, and exemplifying the mutual support between the club and its community.

Our Mission

Armadale Soccer club is dedicated to establishing a transparent pathway forindividuals, starting from entry level juniors, and progressing to senior positions. As acommunity orientated club, we firmly believe in fostering inclusivity, ensuring that everyindividual has a valued place within our organisation.Our club’s mission is centred on offering comprehensive support to empower players tothe pursuit of individual goals. Weare committed to creating an environment whereevery member of our club experiences a sense of belonging to a unique and specialcommunity during every interaction with the organisation


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